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I attended Bentley College (now known as Bentley University) and received my degree in Computer Information Systems.  After graduating, I worked in a few areas - software development, software support, quality assurance engineer and a systems analyst.  

Having 3 children, and hosting birthday parties, I always found it hard to find party favors that the children would use.  I mean,  how many times have we been to a birthday party and our car is trashed with those little favors!  I felt doing something customized was a way to everyone's heart.   

I started to watch youtube videos and spent many many hours researching how to bake sugar cookies and how to make royal icing.  My son's basketball team's were my taste testers for many years and soon after I decided to sell them to the public with a lot of demand.  

I am a self-taught baker.  I am registered with the health department at the local and state level which allows me to sell my products directly to consumers and wholesale it to businesses.   I am the sole employee which allows me to oversee every aspect of the business, from initial contact with a clients' to final delivery and everything in between.  Customizing each order to a clients specification is challenging but rewarding. 

Besides doing sugar cookies, I do offer cakepops, bouquets, cookie cakes, and much much more!  Feel free to email me if you need more information!​

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